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In 2016, we bought our first home and as the realtor said, “it’s a cozy fixer-upper“. The previous owner rented the house for about 15 years, so there were old ‘renter quality’ appliances, no A/C, a 70-year-old furnace, deferred maintenance and Duct Tape holding the broken front door together (seriously).

In short, our house was a blank slate needing cosmetic improvements to transform into a beautiful home.

As I continuously improve my home, I’ll show you simple home maintenance tasks, DIY home projects, and also share some gardening tips along the way.

I’m NOT AN EXPERT – so let’s do this, share a few mistakes and learn something together.

What is “DIY Your House”?

  • DIY Home Renovation on a Budget
  • Home Tutorials, Tips & Home Hacks

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For The Everyday Home Owner

For the everyday home owner, created by an everyday home owner. I’ll show you all the hiccups, problems and issues along the way too – let’s keep it real!

Passionate and Self-Sufficient

I enjoy taking care of my home and improving it. I started DIY Your House because I noticed my peers buying homes during COVID-19 without a pre-inspection or because they had to call a plumber because “wiggling the toilet handle” didn’t fix the leak.

When it comes to DIY Home Renovation, Home Tutorials, Tips & Home Hacks, I’m here educate, demonstrate, and learn from my mistakes.